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Bactrim edonlinestoreBactrim is a combined antibiotic drug that is employed by medical professionals in the treatment of a variety of infections, including ear infections, upper or lower respiratory infections, urinary system infections and other indications. Bactrim contains two antibiotics, which are Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole, in the concentration ratio of 1 to 5, which ensures its adequate effects and combined power in fighting against bacteria.

What Bactrim is prescribed for?

Bactrim has been used for many decades due to its effectiveness and great utility in dealing with numerous infections. However, because it contains two antibiotics, it has relatively more frequent side effects when compared to other antibiotics. This is why it has been less used over a period of time. However, recently, because many bacteria species have become resistant to numerous antibiotics, Bactrim has regained its place among the top antibiotic choices due to its great effectiveness. The combination of Trimethoprim and Sulfamethoxazole act together on various stages of the life cycle of a bacteria, disturbing several very important chemical process that ensure bacterial growth. The bacteria stops growing and is rapidly destroyed by the immune system through white blood cells.

How does Bactrim work precisely to prevent infections from causing severe health damage and cure the disease?

The dual combination of antibiotics included in Bactrim inhibit two stages that exist in the bacterial cell that result in the production of DNA components. New bacterial DNA is needed to make new bacteria in the colony and produce new protein, which is how bacteria grow and spread in the body as the infection is progressing. Folic acid is a chemical that is vital for this process, because two essential DNA components are derived from it. Bactrim inhibits two subsequent phases in the production of folic acid in the bacteria, which leaves bacteria with no supplies of folic acid and inhibits DNA production. This effect strongly blocks bacterial growth and makes them vulnerable to the destructive action of immune cells in the human body. Folic acid also exists in the human body, but people do not produce folic acid, and instead they take it as a vitamin from food. This is why bacteria are very sensitive to folic acid production inhibition in their cells, while the human cells remain unaffected.

Antibiotics – Safety of use

It is very important to take Bactrim only as prescribed but your doctor. It has the potential to cause allergic reactions and relatively frequent side effects because it contains two combined drugs in its formulation. Bactrim is safe and very effective for infections, but precaution needs to be exerted, especially in the elderly, children and individuals with an immune system that is weak due to chronic disease or as a result of long hospitalizations.

Zithromax Australia

Zithromax 500mg in Australia

Zithromax (Azithromycin) is an antibiotic that is incorporated in the macrolide antibiotic class, and is used against a variety of infections affecting both children and the adults.

Zithromax benefits

It is closely related to another macrolide antibiotic called Erythromycin, but Zithromax spectrum of action is broader and it has a slightly different absorption and tissue distribution. For example, Azithromycin is not destroyed by the stomach acid and enzymes, and it is very quickly absorbed in the digestive system, unlike Erythromycin, which is sensitive to the action of gastric acid.

Broad-spectrum antibiotic

Zithromax can be used to treat a large variety of infections, but it is specifically recommended for ear infections, strep throat, especially in individuals who are allergic or intolerant to penicillin, pneumonia, which is an infection affecting the lungs, bronchitis and sinus infections. It is also prescribed by medical professionals as solid treatment for traveler’s diarrhea, bacterial endocarditis, pharyngitis and several sexually transmitted diseases. The spectrum of Zithromax activity is broad, and it may be recommended by doctors for other infections, depending on the sensitivity of the implicated bacteria to Azithromycin. For example, certain species of Staphylococcus aureus can become resistant to Azithromycin, which is why doctors recommend to avoid discontinuing the treatment early, even if the infection symptoms have disappeared or sufficiently diminished. Also, it is essential not to skip Zithromax dosages and take it at regular, well-established time intervals. Medical research has revealed that Zithromax is also effective against malaria when administered in combination with another antimalarial drug.

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Mechanism of action. How does Azithromycin work to inhibit a bacterial infection and cure the symptoms of a disease?

Azithromycin, and other macrolide antibiotics, work by interfering and disturbing the protein production inside the bacterial cell. The antibiotic interacts with specialized cellular structures called ribosomes, which are the protein production “factories” inside cells. Without protein, the bacteria is not able to grow and spread, so the infection becomes localized and inhibited, allowing the immune cells to kill the inhibited bacteria easily.

Side effects

Azithromycin may be associated with certain side effects like most antibiotics, and they may include phenomena like nausea, vomiting, or pain experienced in the abdomen. These side effects are usually temporary, and only 1 percent of individuals who take Azithromycin are forced to stop the treatment due to adverse effects. Other rare side effects are also possible, so discuss Azithromycin treatment for an infection with your doctor carefully, especially if you are taking other drugs. If you suffer from liver disease, then don’t hesitate to inform your doctor who is prescribing Zithromax because dosage adjustments may be necessary in this case. Zithromax is present in the blood in sufficient amounts for up to 20 hours after a single administration, which is why is it usually taken less frequently compared to other antibiotics.

Antibiotic treatment should be monitored by your physician at all times, so don’t take antibiotics without consulting with a medical expert.

Cipro 500mg antibiotic

Cipro is a broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat a variety of infections in humans. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are used, particularly for bacterial cases, when infections prove to be difficult or resistant to other antibiotics and treatments.

Cipro uses

Some examples of these infections include those picked up in hospitals and those which reside or originate in the abdomen or deep within the body. Because broad-spectrum antibiotics can encourage drug-resistance they are used sparingly and only in cases where multiple drugs have been used and have failed or the strain of infection is already known to be resistant to other treatments. Cipro has been praised because of its ability to treat such a wide range of infections as well as its effectiveness and its ability to be taken in many different forms. Cipro 500mg is also the drug of choice for some people who are immune system compromised because of its ability to penetrate deep into the body and seek out the infection effectively. Because of this, Cipro can also be used to effectively treat infections in bones and joints. Cipro can be used alone or can be used in combination with other antibiotics.


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Ciprofloxacin prescription

Over the past few years Cipro has been gaining in popularity in Australia. It is being prescribed more often now, especially in situations where the infection is of unknown origins or is particularly sensitive. Cipro comes in a number of forms and can be taken by mouth (both pills and liquid), by IV, and in the form of drops. Most people tolerate drugs like Cipro very well and, similar to most other antibiotics have little to no side effects while using the drug. Cipro 500mg works, in loose terms, by interfering with the enzymes in the body that cause the infection to multiply or divide and spread throughout the site of infection. Because of its unique way of operating in the human body and inhibiting enzymes, drugs like Cipro are beginning to be investigated for use in conjunction with chemotherapy in cancer patients. Cipro was developed in the early 80’s and was approved by the FDA in Australia soon after.

Cipro safety

Cipro is FDA approved for humans as well as animals and can be used in limited cases in children. The only area where Cipro isn’t prescribed is in pregnant or nursing women because the effects of it on an unborn child or nursing infant are unknown. Cipro is widely available to people living in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. It is also marketed world-wide to places like India, Spain, Singapore, and Pakistan.