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Cialis could be your answer. Buy Cialis in Australia

A friend of mines name takes Cialis and has helped his romantic relationship greatly. He has a wife and two kids. To most this seems like a man who does not have an erectile dysfunction. However, with the stress of paying for his daughter college education, and the passing of his sister, he has experience an erectile dysfunction because of stress. He also suffers from arterial hypertension, also known as hypertension in the lungs. However with Cialis he is able to experience his prime years with his wife as he is only 38 years old.

My friend at first was embarrassed to say he had a problem pleasing his wife. When he told me the about his problem, I recommend he see a doctor. Since I also suffer from an erectile dysfunction, I know that this is a common problem in middle age men. When he finally worked the nerve to see a doctor, he found out that he had more than an erectile dysfunction, but severe hypertension in the lungs. Not only did his visit to his doctor help with his sexual needs, but could have stopped a more serious health in its tracks before getting out of hand.

Cialis against erectile dysfunction

Cialis treats erectile dysfunction. Cialis also is know to treat signs of enlarged prostate and arterial hypertension that my friend has. As a result Cialis does more than just treat erectile dysfunction like most types of medication, but also treats some of the causes. Cialis is an over the counter drug that must be prescribed by a doctor. It should not be abuse because erectile dysfunction is a real disease. It is not in any way to help enlarge your penis. It is meant to get you back to your normal sex life that you had before you had an erectile dysfunction.

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Side effects

Like most medications the pill has side effects. The one that my friend has was a runny nose. However, he is not 100% sure if it was caused by the pill or by his seasonal allergies. Other common side effects are backaches, muscle aches, and loss of appetite. To state again as it can not be stressed enough, this is a drug and it is very possible to overdose on. Only take what your doctor prescribe you to take and report any problem to your doctor, or in emergency dial 911.

Do not be embarrassed if you have an erectile dysfunction. It is common in middle age men, and can be caused by other health problems you might not be aware of. If this sounds like you, do not hesitate. Set up an appointment and talk to your doctor about your erectile dysfunction and see what medicine is right for you. Cialis could be your answer.