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Erectile Dysfunction: What Is It, What Causes It, and What Can You Do About It?

There are about 100 million men around the world that are currently experiencing erectile dysfunction. Of that 100 million, 1 million of those men are from Australia. In Australia, men are seen to be living longer than men around the world.

Because of this men in Australia are seeing more occurrences of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is more common in older aged men but it is seen among all ages of men. A research based survey in Australia uncovered that one of the main demographic groups experiencing erectile dysfunction is that of men aged 60 and older. This is also the age when men desire sexual activity more than the actual occurrence of sex in their sex life.

It was uncovered in a study that over 50 percent of men in the age range of 40-70 experienced some form of erectile dysfunction and almost 60 percent of that 50 percent of men happen to be over the age of 60 years old. In a vast majority of these men researchers found that outside contributing factors played a role in the presence of erectile dysfunction. Some of these contributing factors include hypertension, obesity, smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol. In other men not experiencing erectile dysfunction, extensive exercise was found to be a protective measure against erectile dysfunction.

In aging men it is normal to experience changes associated with erection functioning

Some of the signs men may see are erections taking longer to occur and/or may not be as strong and hard as the erection was before. Some of the symptoms that are hidden from a man’s partner are the man not having an as intense climax as they did before, amount of ejaculate is less and recovery in between erections is increased. Definite signs of erectile dysfunction is the inability to obtain an erection either occasional or frequently, unable to maintain an erection during intercourse and/or the inability to obtain an erection completely.

Among Australian men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, there are two main causes that are studied to be linked to erectile dysfunction

The main causes are doctors not understanding what men in different age groups experience as a normal sex life and a man that is having erectile dysfunction expressed but he appears to be very health may have an illness that is underlying or dormant. These causes were also observed oversees.

Erectile dysfunction is clearly a sign that a man’s health is not in good order

Signs of erectile dysfunction is surely an implication that something else is going on in the body. Erectile dysfunction was once something that men would avoid seeking treatment or help for and health conditions would continue to decline. It is foreseen that men will opt to obtain help in resolving erectile dysfunction as treatment measures are becoming more and more effective in reversing the condition temporarily and sometimes permanently.

Some drugs that are prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction are Viagra, Kamagra, Levitra and Cialis

These drugs are highly sought out by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to their effectiveness. These drugs are very effective in their ability to improve the blood circulation of blood in the pelvic area and the penis. Although these drugs are extremely effective , they should be taken with caution and men with other medical condition should take extra precaution as major side effects may be experienced. A staple medical condition of caution before taking these drugs are men who have heart conditions are warned to steer clear of these drugs due to chemical reactivity with heart medications and the erectile dysfunction drugs.

Another treatment option are injection of hormones

The hormones are injected directly to the side of the penis. This is something that men are able to do themselves at home. There are also some vacuum devices that can aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, especially for irreversible situations. Surgical devices like pump devices can be inserted into the penis surgically and it basically allows a man to turn on and off the device as needed.

Something that was once considered to be a taboo, erectile dysfunction is getting more attention from men in seeking for help to rectify the condition. Now days medical professionals are understanding more about the causes of erectile dysfunction and are finding inventive ways to treat the condition.

More and more science has been dedicated to uncovering solutions to this issue and clinics are popping up as well as help hotlines. More men of varying ages are realizing that erectile dysfunction does not have an age and help is out there to aid in recovery from the condition