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Zithromax, Z-pak, Azithromycin against infection

The medicine Zithromax is used to help people fight infection. This medicine helps to prevent bacteria from making the proteins they need to survive and spread. It is sometimes called an antibiotic or antimicrobial by medical people. This medication is often used to help fight infections that occur in the sinuses, ears, lungs, or on the skin. Sometimes, it is also prescribed to treat some infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Zithromax can be given directly into the vein in the hospital when people are very sick and need antibiotics right away. Most of the time, though, doctors in Australia order Zithromax in pill form. They often prescribe a treatment commonly called a Z-Pak. In this prescription, the medicine comes pre-packaged in daily doses. People are usually told to take 2 pills the first day and one pill each day for two to four days after that. This helps the antibiotic to get into the body faster, so that the infection can be treated more quickly and more effectively.

One other reason Z-Paks are sometimes prescribed is that people often only take their antibiotics until they are feeling better. This can be a big mistake, because the infection is not always completely cured by the time they stop taking the antibiotic. This can actually make the infection stronger, and then the person would need to take stronger, more dangerous antibiotics in order to treat the infection. Therefore, it is important to take all of the medication prescribed, exactly the way the doctor orders, even if the infection seems to be completely gone.

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Possible side effects

Most of the time, people have very few side effects from taking Zithromax. They may experience diarrhea, or feel nauseated, or even vomit. If these side effects prevent a person from taking the medicine or become severe, the doctor who prescribed the medicine should be contacted right away so that a different medicine can be ordered. Although allergic reactions to Zithromax very rarely occur, they are possible. If people develop hives, they should stop taking the medicine and call their doctor. If they begin to have trouble breathing or throat swelling, they should call emergency services to be taken to the emergency room. Again, this very rarely happens, but if it does, it is a life-threatening situation.

In rare cases, Zithromax can cause liver problems or heart problems. People who have chronic liver or heart problems should discuss their conditions and medications very carefully with their doctor if they need antibiotics. This will help the doctor to determine if Zithromax is the right antibiotic for that person.