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Is Viagra Popular In Australia?

Growing old is no fun as men tend to find that out by their 50’s but that is why Viagra is popular in Australia. Moreover, that is because around this age is when men begin to experience erectile dysfunction. It isn’t always guaranteed that a man will experience erectile dysfunction by their 50s but it is common around this age and above.

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction is a drug called Viagra. Viagra is designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men and can restore their ability to get an erection. Normally, a man become sexually stimulated and a signal is sent to the penis which increases blood flow, but erectile dysfunction interrupts this process. Viagra intervenes and allows the signal to be sent from the brain and allows blood flow to increase to the right area. In order for Viagra to be effective, a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction must occur.

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What is erectile dysfunction 

Most men who experience erectile dysfunction understand the frustrating feeling of not being able to get an erection. But this doesn’t have to be the new normal. In fact, Viagra can be easily carried with you in the pocket and taken when needed so that you are able to get an erection when the moment is at hand. In order to get the most out of Viagra, speak with your doctor about how this erectile dysfunction drug can help you. When the erection process occurs naturally, a signal is sent from the brain to the penis causing the blood flow to increase. At the same time that blood flow is increasing it to the penis, blood flow away from the penis is restricted. This causes the blood to build up in the penis where it is stored in two areas called the Corpus cavernosum.

How does an erection work

In order for an erection to occur, the signal must be sent to the penis and the blood flow must increase. It is not uncommon for men to experience temporary erectile dysfunction. This can be the result of drinking too much alcohol or even a side effect of another medication. That is why it is important to only take Viagra under the instruction of your doctor. Viagra can mix with other drugs and have negative reactions which could be harmful to your health. Only your doctor can properly inform you about how the medications you are on will interact. In most cases, Viagra is prescribed and the patient benefits from being able to get an erection once again. One of the biggest impacts of erectile dysfunction is the inability to start a family. When a couple is trying to conceive, an erection is a necessary part of sexual intercourse.

What causes ED

Sometimes it can be difficult to get an erection for another reason, such as social anxiety or performance anxiety. In these instances, it is attributed to a psychological disorder and not necessarily erectile dysfunction in the same sense as the aging kind. These psychological Inhibitors can impact even young men and prevent them from getting an erection. In order to work past this dilemma, a psychologist is often required and counseling or therapy is a must. To get to the root of the problem, a therapist or counselor can talk to you about any past trauma that may be hindering your sexual performance. Viagra can be taken by men of all ages and is not limited to men over 50. It is most commonly taken by men in their 40’s and 50’s but it is not unheard of to use Viagra into the late seventies.

Side effects of Viagra

Some of the side effects of Viagra can include mild conditions such as Headache, nausea, blurred vision, back pain, and muscle aches. It is important to note that not every patient experiences the side effects but they are possible. In fact, most people benefit from Viagra experience a noticeable improvement in their sex life. One of the biggest mistakes that men make is not being honest with their partner about their erectile dysfunction. Making up excuses as to why they don’t want to have sex to avoid embarrassment can lead to a wedge being driven in a relationship. It is also important to be honest with your partner because they provide a necessary support system. Honesty is also a requirement with your doctor in order to get properly treated and have your erectile dysfunction diagnosed.