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Cialis: possible side effects, how it works and uses

For those that are impotent or have a need for a little help in achieving an erection, there are many options to help. One specific option would be Cialis. It has been hailed and lauded as a wonderful alternative to viagra; taking one Cialis tablet can last for thirty-six hours. Not the erection, mind, but rather the effects of the medication itself.

It last longer in the system itself, to keep a man with a healthy sex drive active for a day and a half; Making the need for multiple doses almost obsolete.

Cialis works by relaxing the veins within the penis, unconstricting the flow to allow more blood through and therefore giving those who use it a chance to achieve and withhold their erection for longer. As the effect lasts for so long, a man could have sex as much as he would like.

In regards to the limits of this medication, there is no restrict on alcohol or meals. Nothing within Cialis will react terribly to alcohol, something that is quite popular in comparison to other medications.


Cialis should normally be taken twenty to thirty minutes before planned sexual activity. Note that an erection will not be achieved without sexual stimulation; the corrected blood flow won’t just force an erection. While the medications effects do last for thirty-six hours, a single erection will of course not last for that long; but the duration will allow for more than one erection in that timespan.


Cialis can be taken as a once daily dose pill, but should not be exceeded dosage between each twenty-four hours. This medication also does not prevent the male from sexually transmitted diseases nor is it to be taken as a form of male birth control.

Cialis is not a cure for erectile dysfunction nor will it increase a male’s sexual desire. Its only purpose is to increase the flow of blood in otherwise inferior arteries.

Sometimes in cases, Cialis can cause a painful erection or an erection that lasts for four hours or even longer. If this does occur, and the erection does begin to last longer than for four hours, a doctor should be notified and a hospital visit may become a priority. Those erections that outlast their uses can be dangerous.

Cialis: common side effects

Common side effects are usually run of the mill; including indigestion as well as headaches. Back pain, aches of the muscles as well as flushed skin and runny nose can be effects as well. They simulate the effects of a cold, so while taking Cialis be sure to track your symptoms if any of these effects start to occur.

If you are taking nitrates, it is best not to also take Cialis. Pulmonary hypertension medication should also not be mixed with Cialis, and any worries need to be taken to your doctor immediately for a discussion.

It may not be safe for men who have heart disease, a predisposition for strokes or an eye disease to take Cialis. The certain chemicals can mix and react quite badly, and may even lead to death.

Cialis can also be used to treat an enlarged prostate as the helpful opening of blood flow helps with the difficulty of urination. It works by relaxing the smooth muscle in both the prostate and bladder.