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The average guy takes his penile health for granted. Statistics show that six out of ten men do not take proper care of their sexual health. In this article, I am going to show you three major things you should be doing to protect yourself from erectile dysfunction. I will also briefly cover a couple of warning signs of erectile dysfunction you need to check. As it stands, about two million men get diagnosed with erectile issues every year in Australia. These numbers are expected to increase according to experts. With this article, I hope to thin those numbers substantially.

Tadalafil 60mg Price In Australia
Tadalafil Price In Australia

It shouldn’t surprise you that your sexual health is affected by your daily habits. If you are the kind of man that eats right and exercises, then chances are you have high-quality erections and sexual stamina. If you are the kind of guy that eats poorly and doesn’t work out, then you probably have the opposite experience. Your diet is the foundation of good sexual health. Men who limit their intake of sugar and processed food are more likely to be happy with their erectile quality and penis size. Poor habits such as drinking and smoking can also cause damage to your sexual health.

When it comes to smoking, experts suggest that smoking does have an impact on erectile function.

Smoking also has been shown to shrink the penis depending on the smoking habits of the person. Nicotine causes blood vessels in the body to narrow. In men who smoke lightly (one or two cigarettes ever 12 hours) this effect is usually only temporary. However, the narrowing of the blood vessels becomes permanent in men who smoke heavily. Men who smoke can lose up to half an inch in girth and will develop moderate erectile issues because of it. After 24 hours of not smoking a man’s erectile function improves by 25%.

Certain medications also do a great job of preventing erection problems. If you have never heard of Cialis, it is one of the best around.

The medication treats erection dysfunction in men. However, the medication can also be used to prevent erectile dysfunction. Sports athletes that don’t have any erectile issues admit they take a daily dose of Cialis. The main reason is to improve their physical performance during workouts and games. The second reason is that Cialis has been proven to protect arteries and blood vessels. This protection prevents conditions like erectile dysfunction and even heart disease. It is one of the best choices available.

Keep in mind Cialis does require a prescription to use.

This means you will have to go and have a consultation with your doctor. If you aren’t dealing with erectile problems but would like to try Cialis talk to your doctor about trying low doses of Cialis for the health benefits. If you are curious whether or not you may be dealing with erectile dysfunction ask your doctor for the proper tests. Most erectile issues are detected with blood tests. Even cardiologists are able to diagnose erectile problems. Don’t wait. Get yourself checked out and ask about Cialis today.